Time Sheets

Payroll preparation should be simple

Average Sub-contractor spends between 8-10 hours a week

edifica time sheet system

  • Connect your office to the field
  • Track your employees hours per job
  • Allow your foremen on the job site to do "time card" entries from their phone daily
  • See your labor expenses being tracked in real time as they are entered from the field
  • Use entered data to compile your time cards at the end of your pay period

why edifica?

Construction Industry Experience

We are proud to say our team has years of experience in the construction industry and we designed Edifica taking in consideration the needs of a contractor.

Tailored for specialty contractors

We leverage our years of experience in the field and developed Edifica to be intuitive when it comes to the features required by contractors.

Easy to use

We understand that business owners are already too busy to read a manual on a new software package, so we designed Edifica to be as simple as possible and we strive to make it more simple with each release.

Save time

Time is money. Save time preparing payroll, sending out change orders and many others tasks simplified in Edifica